About US



Baedal means "delivery" in Korean. South Korea has been developed delivery service for a long time. We grow up with ordering food whole life, and we know what customers want it to be. We'll present our various offers and exclusive services to our valued customers.

1. "Rome wan't built in a day"

We believe that today, a present, is the most valuable to make better tomorrow and our future to pursue our ideal that we benefit to every single person in every moment in their lives.

2. "Grit"

Doing the best and consistency are basics. We faith in the word 'grit' in our hearts for building up our dream and we believe that it allows to us to stay loyal in quality of services.

3. "We are still hungry

'greedy' is NOT harmful unless we keep that in a stage of desiring to make our today better than yesterday. We FOCUS and IMMERSE in the improvement our quality of services and our technology to make 100% customer satisfactory. 

Our 4-Priority

Flexibility on discipline. 

We trust that unlocking our members' potential ability through creating autonomic culture within a company's discipline.


Avoid Hitler!!! We aim for an organization that combines the perspectives of various people and produces results

Responsible + Balance. 

We love to take the 1st place both job and life. 

Be Smart. 

We encourage our members to be passionate and sincere, but also we support to work smart to maximize productivity.