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BBQ Chicken

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 15823 Northern Blvd, Flushing
Olive Chicken
WIngs & Drumsticks
Boneless Chicken
Grilled Chicken
BBQ Original Chicken  image
BBQ Original Chicken
올리브 오리지널 치킨
 BBQ Sweet Spice Chicken image
BBQ Sweet Spice Chicken
올리브 스윗 스파이스 치킨
 Honey Garlics Wing (10pcs)  image
Honey Garlics Wing (10pcs)
허니갈릭스 윙 10pcs. Individually brushed with honey and garlic sauce
Soy Garlic Wing (10pcs) image
Soy Garlic Wing (10pcs)
소이갈릭스 윙 10pcs. Individually brushed with soy and garlic sauce
Crispy Gold Wings (10pcs)  image
Crispy Gold Wings (10pcs)
크리스피 윙 10pcs. Crispy wings brushed in teri-gold sauce
Original Chicken Drumsticks  image
Original Chicken Drumsticks
오리지널 닭다리
Sweet and spicy boneless Chicken  image
Sweet and spicy boneless Chicken
 Cheesling Chicken image
Cheesling Chicken
치즐링 치킨
Cajun Spiced Chicken  image
Cajun Spiced Chicken
케이준 스파이스 그릴
Coleslaw  image
 Sweet Corn Salad  image
Sweet Corn Salad
스윗 콘샐러드
 Waffle Fries  image
Waffle Fries
와플 프라이